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What's in a name? Some of the more interesting WLGO team names

WLGO Team 1

You have to be called something, right? When you register for the World's Largest Golf Outing, we ask you to come up with a team name.

Some names are more creative than others. There's Team Justice League, Team Loose Cannons and Team Seal Team Four. How about Team Golf Boys 2.Oh?

Then there's Team We Will Win. That sounds awfully certain, but we like the moxie. 

How about a pun? Team Weapons of Grass Destruction. That's good thinking.

We have 56 teams signed up so far for the 2014 World's Largest Golf Outing, but not a one that has had their naming rights bought like at a stadium. And that just might be a great way to help your fundraising. Think about it. And if that's not your M.O., then come up with a name to make your team stand out!

Eastpointe C.C. was a big star on the 4th of July! Get it?
Jul 7 03:07 PM
What do kids love most about playing golf with their parents? Good stuff from @PinehurstResort.
Jul 30 04:24 PM
Did you know #golf accounts for almost 2 million jobs? It's true! @wearegolf #NGD14
May 20 01:12 PM
What did the fox say? #datedreference RT @ZimmerDan: Sites on the course at #stjohnsgolf. @BillyCasperGolf
Jul 30 12:12 PM