Waddy the Beagle: A Golfer's Best Friend


In today’s Wack Wednesday story, man’s best friend also turns out to be a golfer’s best friend.

Legend has it, over a 10-year span from 1980 to 1990, Waddy the beagle found an astounding 39,954 golf balls on the Brockenhurst Manor Golf Club in Brockenhurst, England.

That’s 3,995.4 balls a year; 332.95 golf balls a month; 10 golf balls a day … that’s just a ton of golf balls!  Either Brockenhurst is one of the hardest courses in England, or its golfers have a propensity to hit wayward shots.

Either way, their furry friend had their back.  Whenever someone lost a ball Waddy, who was owned by the club secretary Robert Inglis, was dispatched to the rough to locate the ball.  And boy was he good at it!

From hunting rabbits to tracking Titleists to loving unconditionally … is there anything dogs can’t do? They can probably even make a 5 footer!

.... I stand corrected.