Top 5 Club Chucks of All Time


Yesterday’s post on Tommy Bolt’s epic club chuck during the 1960 U.S. Open inspired us. 

Golf can be a frustrating game; three-putt pars, chunked chips, topped drives, chili-dipped wedges … if you’ve ever hit a bad shot in your life there’s probably a name for it.

Whether you’re going for distance or form, one thing’s for certain: few actions on the golf course satisfy anger more than a good club toss. 

So, in honor of Mr. Bolt’s temper tantrum, we’ve compiled a list of the best club chucks in the history of the game.  Enjoy the video countdown below with contributions from Rory McIlory, Charley Hoffman, John Daly (let’s be honest, what list isn’t complete without JD) and one character we all loved to hate.

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5) John Daly’s “Lake Michigan Launch”

4) Henrik Stenson’s “Calm Cast in the Lake”

3)  Rory McIlroy’s “Primetime Projectile”

2)  Charley Hoffman’s “Well, I didn’t like that putter anyways”

1)  Judge Smails’ “Poor Sport Putter Pitch”

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