Friday Funday: Nassau


Nassau is one of the most common golf games to play with your buddies; it also just happens to be one of the most entertaining.  Sometimes known as 9-9-9, Nassau is three matches in one.  How it works is your 18-hole round is broken into three segments – there’s a front-nine winner, back-nine winner and overall winner.

Ok, here’s how to play.  Before you start set a dollar amount per each match (most common is $5).  Next, decide if you want to do stroke play or match play (both are great, however, stroke play provides a little more drama – hey, you never know what will happen on the 18th hole!)  Finally, tee it high and let it fly! 

What’s great about this game is even if you lose the front nine, a great back-nine can quickly erase your deficit!

Also, where Nassaus become a little more interesting is when “Press” bets come into play.  In an attempt to get some cash back, players who fall behind too much can press their opponent, essentially starting a new side match for the remainder of the nine holes. If you win, you get your money back, if you lose, prepare to open your wallet a little wider.

If the weather is good by you this weekend, head to the golf course and play a round with your friends!  For a little added drama, try out Nassau … make some birdies to make your playing partner pay for lunch.