Games to Play: Handi-string

What a great putt out on the course!

Every once in while, we like to share with you new games to play with your friends while out on the golf course. Sure, stroke play and match play are a lot of fun, but sometimes you just need a change-up. That's where we come in, with the ongoing Games to Play series.

In this G2P, we take a look at a game that goes by a few names, but we'll call it Handi-string. It's a game that really adds a unique strategic component to either stroke or match play. At the outset of the round, every player in the group gets a string. The string represents their handicap index. For every stroke in your index, you get a foot of string instead of a stroke. Throughout the course of the round, you can use this string to move your ball out of trouble, using as much or as little of the string you have in your possession to improve your lie, get a ball out of a hazard or whatever. The only issue is that every time you use the string, you have to cut off the length of the string you used to improve your position and can't use it again. The string creates a finite number of times you can improve your lie, making it more likely a better player will have to play straight up, while a higher-handicap player will have a chance to escape out of some, but not all, trouble.

Give it a try next time you're out on the course and tell us how it went using the hashtag #G2P.

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