Did You Know Ben Hogan Nearly Quit?


It’s hard to imagine, but even the great Ben Hogan struggled as a professional golfer.  Holder of 64 professional titles, including nine major championships, and owner of perhaps the most perfect swing in golf, Hogan was one bad tournament away from calling it a career.

It happened in 1938 when he and his wife, Valerie, were down to their last $85.  

“If I didn’t win money at the Oakland Open, I was through,” said Hogan.

The big week didn’t start off on the greatest of notes.  The night before the tournament started, someone stole the two rear wheels off Hogan’s car.  The legendary pro had to hitch a ride just to make his tee time.  Talk about kicking a man when he’s down! 

But, being one of the best players to have ever walked the fairways, Hogan rebounded.  He made the cut and fired a closing 69 to tie for third.  The $385 he won enabled him to put wheels back on his car and keep going.

Hard work certainly paid off, and from then on out, Hogan started winning with regularity.

Just goes to show, even some of the greatest golfers in history were holes away from hanging up the sticks but kept going.  So don't give up!  From the world No. 1 to a weekend warrior, golf can be extremely frustrating yet infinitely rewarding.

The biggest thing to remember … have fun!