Wack Wednesday: The Importance of Going First


Legendary golfer Ben Hogan always believed the first hole was the most important one. 

The story goes like this.  One time, Hogan and Claude Harmon were playing Seminole Golf Club near North Palm Beach, FL.  Seminole was a popular stopping place for touring pros to prepare for The Masters.  Legend has it the greens at the ultra-exclusive club were the closest thing to Augusta National, fast, firm and undulated. 

Hogan birdied the first hole, and turned to Claude to explain why doing that is so important.  “If you don’t birdie the first hole,” he said, “how can you birdie them all?”

Well, can’t argue with that.

Just another reason why the man they call “the hawk” is widely known as one of the most competitive, and just down right awesome golfers to have ever walked the fairways. 

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