To Jordan Spieth A Picture’s Worth 24,152 Golf Balls


A mural seems like a darn good way to honor the best golfer in the world.

But a portrait of Jordan Spieth made out of 24,152 golf balls … well, that’s a match made in heaven.

AT&T, one of Spieth’s sponsors, was behind the creation of this monstrous masterpiece in downtown Dallas.  It took 25 people several hours to put it all together, and the end result is something you’ll have to see to believe.  The facial features are as accurate as his putting stroke from five feet and in.

Check out the time lapse video just below showing the construction of one of the coolest golf pictures ever made.

And don’t worry, all those golf balls won’t go to waste.  AT&T will donate them to the Dallas chapter of The First Tee and the Northern Texas PGA.

Special thanks to the AT&T for sharing this amazing video!

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