Tip Tuesday: Simple Is as Simple Does


When you boil it down, golf is a rather simple game. Just get the tiny white ball into a slightly larger hole hundreds of yards away in as few amount of strokes as possible. It’s all that other stuff that can get you into trouble: trees, rough, water, bunkers, beer … we could go on for hours.

On this #TipTuesday we’ve found a great video from Golf DigestTV and renowned swing coach Hank Haney, who stresses the importance of keeping it simple.

Hank instructs us to simplify our motion and to practice having our impact position mirror our set up. To do this, he suggests setting up in front of a mirror, take your stance, make a slow, deliberate swing and really focus on having your impact be similar to set up.

Too often we come up out of our posture during impact, which can cause a whole mess of problems. The golf swing is an athletic move; we bend our knees, engage our core, rotate around our spine and put enormous amounts of stress on joints and ligaments. So naturally we would want to arrive at impact still in our athletic position.

Now don’t get us wrong, we know this game isn’t simple. A lot can go wrong in the fraction of seconds it takes for us to hit a golf ball. But simplifying our motion will help eliminate potentials for miss-hits and lead to better scores, more laughs and fewer aches and pains.

Enjoy the video!