Tip Tuesday: Release the Hounds

Tip Tuesday Release The Hounds

You’ve probably heard this phrase once or twice or 5,000 times before.

“Release the clubhead.”

Ok, sounds good, but what the heck does that mean?  Ever wonder how “Boom Boom” booms it?  Well, thanks to Golf.com and top instructor Brian Manzella, you now have the answer … hopefully.

Enjoy this Tip Tuesday video of Manzella giving you a few drills to feel the improper and proper release of the clubhead.  He calls it the “handle-draggin” vs “free-wheelin” technique.  Handle-dragging, which a majority of us might be prone to doing, prevents the club from releasing properly, robbing us of distance and consistency.  Free-wheelin’ on the other hand, well, that’s the route to go, as you can easily feel the club pass the hands.

Here’s what to do:  At address, separate your hands a bit by placing your right hand down the shaft (for right-handed players).  As you follow through, feel your right hand slide back up the grip to meet your left, and in the process, your clubhead passes the hands.  As the clubhead passes, that's what we call a release.

Okidoke, so, did I properly confuse you?  Fear not!  Check out the video below to see a demonstration of what the heck I’ve been talking about!