Tip Tuesday: New Day, Same Routine


One of the most important tools in a professional golfer’s bag isn’t a club.  It’s not the driver he or she can hit 300-plus yards.  It isn’t a putter that can roll putts truer than Jim Carey in “Liar, Liar.”  Nope, this tool is all mental: it’s a consistent pre-shot routine and it can help lower your scores immediately.


A repeatable pre-shot routine accomplishes many things.  For starters, it prepares your body for the golf shot.  More than practice swings, a pre-shot routine helps you visualize your target and enables your muscles feel the proper swing.  Next, a pre-shot routine can calm your nerves.  It’s like throwing on your favorite sweatshirt, it’s a comfort zone.  And that’s pretty important for pros when a three-footer means the difference between going home early or staying the weekend.  And don’t even get us started with the pressure putts at Augusta National!

One of the hottest golfers in the world right now has a solid, unique pre-shot routine you may want to copy.  Straight from the mouth of Jason Day, enjoy this video of the Aussie discussing the routine that has helped him ascend to the top of the World Golf Rankings.

And remember, no matter what your routine consists of, make it consistent and repeatable, and you'll play better golf.