Tip Tuesday: Never Say Never


Jason Day’s journey to stardom isn’t like most.  From humble beginnings to the loss of his father to dark days to the top of the world’s golf scene, the Aussie’s appreciation for the game and everything its given him is better than most.

Today’s Tip Tuesday is about perseverance and the importance of never giving up, whether it’s on the course or off it.  After losing his father, Day’s path started to stray.  He started to drink and his sister ran away from home for four years.  Faced with a difficult decision, his mother sent him away to put his talents to use.

Day’s story is one of determination.  He’s the living embodiment of never saying never, putting your head down and working hard for everything you want.

Enjoy this inspiring video of “The Jason Day Story.”  Let it motivate you to go out there and accomplish whatever it is you want in life, whether it’s a lower handicap, losing weight, promotion or anything between.