Tip Tuesday: Gifts the Golfer in Your Life Will Love


With Christmas just around the corner we’ve put together a list of golf goodies that would even make Santa blush.  From fashionable Ecco shoes to the latest technological advances in game-improvement technology, feast your eyes upon the ultimate 2015 golf gift guide.  Happy shopping!

ARCCOS Golf ($299)


Ever wonder how far you hit your 5-iron or how many greens you hit?  Arccos Golf provides all that information with their innovative system that maps, measures and records every shot. 14 sensors attached to the grip end of a club and pair via Bluetooth with the company’s free iPhone app. 

DST Golf Compressor ($99)


Nope, this club isn’t broken, rather, it’s a club to fix broken swings!  Now used by more than 300 Tour players worldwide, the compressor promotes the optimal impact position, something every great ball striker shares.  Use the club to help build muscle memory to improve accuracy and consistency, and then head to the bar to erase the memory of that missed birdie putt.


Tacky Golf Sweater ($40)

Brought to us by the kind folks at theuglysweatershop.com, this faded masterpiece could win a few awards at the annual office ugly Christmas sweater party.  Phew, not sure what’s harder to look at: this sweater or Charles Barley’s golf swing.


BIG MAX Blade+ ($299)

Clubs getting heavy?  Throw them on the BIG MAX Blade+ and cruise around the course in comfort.  The leading European push cart is gaining popularity in the U.S. by offering golfers a sleek, lightweight, easy-to-fold push cart with accessories to fit all your gadgets.


PGA TOUR Pro Sport ($58)

Even if your game stinks, you won’t!  Spray on some PGA TOUR Pro Sport cologne and you’ll smell better than fresh cut greens.  Inspired by the competitive and swift nature of golf, the scent gives bursts of juicy citrus, fresh mint and a blend of masculine woods.  Not included: tears of all your conquered playing partners.

CHAMP C1 Putter Grips ($15.99; $17.99) 


Take it from a golfer who uses one, oversized grips are the real deal.  CHAMP’s new offering is made from a soft, lightweight and great-felling polyurethane.  The oversized design eliminates wrist break, the kryptonite to any good stroke.

ECCO Golf Shoes ($180) 


Fashion, form and functionality?!  You bet!  The 2016 ECCO Speed Hybrid golf shoes mix vintage aesthetics with exceptional comfort and flexibility.  The sturdy and spiekless shoe made famous by Fred Couples is the perfect choice to go from the streets to the fairways in style.

Ferrari F5 Golf Cart ($20,500) 


Ok, ok, ok, this one might be a stretch.  But come on, a Ferrari F5 golf cart!?  Just imagine how fast you can get around the course!  It comes with a heavy duty fiber glass body, side mirrors (to avoid the rangers of course), 15-inch rims and headlights for night golf (kind of).  

Yep, I want one.