Tip Tuesday: Fix Your Slice with The Bunt Shot

Tip Tuesday Bunt Shot

Do you slice the golf ball more than your neighborhood deli?

Rest easy, we’ve found a great tip from PGA professional Erika Larkin to cure those left-to-right blues.  Watch below as she demonstrates for Golf Digest how to straighten your ball flight by letting your forearms roll over to square the clubface.

It's called "Bunt Shots."

Take your driver and make a half swing with half power.  Focus on reaching your arms back just past your hips and swinging through to the target, rolling your hands over, right forearm over left (if you’re a right handed golfer).

The key is to feel the clubface square at impact … yes, it's hip to be square in golf.  Do this drill and in no time you'll go from Darth Fader to Han-dicap Solo.

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