Tip Tuesday: Cure for the Common Curve


For today’s Tip Tuesday, we’ve found a fun video from young Tiger Woods, who provides a cure for the common curve with an unorthodox approach.

And by unorthodox, we mean don’t try this at home.

Tiger suggests most golfers try and overcompensate for the slice which results in a hook.  His solution?  Gather a gallery and practice bombing drives in between them.  Golf’s not hard – according to this video – just keep the clubface square at impact and boom, all is well!

Yea, easier said than done.

Sit back, relax and enjoy Tiger Woods doing what he does best. 

And seriously, if you do slice the ball, here are a few tips to get the ball flying straight:

     1)  Strengthen your grip by moving your hands more away from the target (move your hands more to the right if you are a right-handed golfer).

     2)  Work on flattening your wrist at the top of the backswing; cock the wrist and make it flat to the arm

     3)  Don’t fear the release!  Let the club head go by releasing the arms through the impact area!