Tip Tuesday: Control Your Chips


What makes the professionals so darn good?  No, it’s not their 300-yard drives.  And nope, it’s not their pin-seeking iron shots.  The real answer behind their success?  Their short game. 

When pros miss the green, they don’t fret.  More often than not they get the ball up and down, sometimes from seemingly impossible lies!

So we searched YouTube far and wide (more like typing “help my shortgame” into the search bar) and found this wonderful video from The Golf Channel’s Michael Breed. 

This episode of “The Golf Fix” brings you some simple drills on how to control your chip shots.  Get the ball to spin and stop on a dime when you want it to, or perfect the bump run to get the ball rolling like a putt.

While 300-yard drives look cool, getting the ball up and down will shave strokes off your score faster than Edward Scissorhands.

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