Tip Tuesday: Bunker Escape


So you’ve found the greenside bunker and forgot to bring your sunscreen.

Fear not, we’ve got a couple tips to help you get off the beach before the sand can even burn your toes.

There are three simple rules to follow to escape the sand trap:


1) Open the clubface

2) Keep weight on your front foot

3) Maintain speed

4) (Optional but encouraged) Try and look as cool as legendary Seve Ballesteros hitting a ball between his legs out of the bunker

Opening the face takes advantage of the club’s design using the bounce to reduce resistance in the sand.  Keeping your weight forward stops you from falling back, catching the ball thin, shooting it over the green and sending Bob to the hospital with a knot on his head.  Maintaining speed prevents you from taking too much or too little sand.

Ok, sounds easy, but how can we practice this?

Well, go grab your sand wedge and meet me in the bunker.

Briny Baird

First, open the club face and then grip the club, not the other way around.  Next, take your stance keeping square to your target and balance all weight on your front foot.  Now take your back foot and place it behind you (think of Briny Baird’s putting stance pictured to the left).  Finally, make an aggressive downswing and focus on keeping your balance/weight on your front leg. 

And boom, there you have it!  In no time you’ll start getting golf balls out of the bunker the first time, every time! 

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