Tip Tuesday: Bombs Away


On this Tip Tuesday we’re going to learn how to bomb it like Bubba. 

It’s no secret; one of the keys to Bubba’s amazing success has been his prodigious power off the tee.  Normally leading or near the top tier of PGA TOUR bombers, Bubba is averaging 309.9 yards off the tee this year (Tony Finau is leading the way at 318.1 yards per drive). 

Taking it deep off the tee is fun!  Watching golf balls sail 300-plus yards is never boring.  I recall a time at the PGA Merchandise Show watching Jamie Sadlowski 1) break a simulator because he hit the golf ball too hard and 2) hit people in the PUMA booth during Demo Day because he cleared the 400-yard driving range circle.  That was amazing.

In today’s game, we can all use a little extra distance.  While clubmakers are doing everything in their power to help us gain extra yards, most of the time it comes down to the operator.

In this video, Callaway Golf joined Jeff Farley, a 10-time RE/MAX World Long Drive Champion finalist, to learn a few techniques on how to boost your power and add yards to your drives.

Jeff touches on three things:

  1. Grip – check your grip pressure, it’s impossible to create optimal lag if your gripping the club too tight.  Stay loose, create the angle and bomb it.
  2. Look for the inside dimple – narrow your focus and find one dimple to keep your eye on.  Hold the lag you’ve create to hit that dimple.
  3. Develop your speed – take a 5 iron, go in the shallow end of swimming pool, take a swing and feel the impact when you hit the water.  That’s lag!

Enjoy!  Time to grip it and rip it!