Save the Date: 2016 World’s Largest Golf Outing


It’s coming!

Save the date, the biggest one-day celebration of golf and charity is set for Monday, August 1.  That’s right, the 6th playing of the World’s Largest Golf Outing is back and better than ever.

More than 175 courses are projected to host thousands of golfers just like you eager to tee it up and make a difference in the lives of our country’s veterans and their families.


New for this year and to further its mission of giving back through golf, the WLGO has partnered with Fisher House Foundation.  This amazing, international organization helps military families stay close to loved ones who are receiving vital medical care and nearby major VA medical centers.  The best part about it, the families don’t pay a dime to be near their loved ones.  To date Fisher House Foundation has saved families an estimated $320 million in out-of-pocket expenses.

How do they do it?  Fisher House Foundation specializes in constructing “homes away from home,” typically a 14-room building that comfortably houses families of all sizes.  At any point today, there can be up to 935 families staying free of charge in 70 homes (and growing) across America.

So get involved again this year, and help raise money for an amazing cause.  Your donations could be the brick and mortar that helps a daughter bear near her mom or dad as they receive urgent medical care following their service.

Not to mention, a Monday on the golf course has to be better than a Monday in the office, am I right?

Registration is opening soon, so gather your teammates and get ready for a wonderful day of competition, camaraderie and charity.

Play golf for good, play golf for fun, play golf to make a difference.

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