Let's Play "Would You Rather"


It’s Friday.  You’re sitting in the office, eager for the weekend to get here so you can take advantage of some beautiful fall weather and get out on the golf course.

Hey, we’re in the same boat.

So to help pass the day, and get you closer to that Saturday morning tee time, let’s have some fun and play a little game we like to call “Would You Rather.”

It’s simple, we give you two options and all you got to do is choose.  But be warned, the choices aren’t easy!

Okidoke here we go … would you rather:

  • Win the Green Jacket or hoist the U.S. Open trophy
  • Have a one-year membership to Augusta National or $1,000,000
  • Play Pine Valley Golf Club once a year or have free golf for the rest of your life
  • Hit it 300 yards off the tee every time or never miss a fairway
  • Play golf with Jack Nicklaus or have lunch with Arnold Palmer
  • Be part of a winning Presidents Cup team or a losing Ryder Cup team
  • Play match play or stroke play
  • Have Tiger Woods’  golf swing from 2000 or Jason Day’s from 2014
  • Hit a hole-in-one or record a double-eagle
  • Win one major then fade into obscurity or have a Hall of Fame career with no major titles
  • Live in Scotland and take golf trips to America or live in America and take golf trips to Scotland
  • Play St. Andrews or Cypress Point
  • Buy new clubs every year at a discounted rate or get 10-year old equipment for free

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