Golf: America’s Pastime

Petco Park

Move over baseball, this weekend golf is America’s pastime.

Petco Park will open its doors today, but not for a San Diego Padres baseball game, nope, for a round of golf!

Thousands of local golfers have signed up to play the Links at Petco Park, the newest 9-hole layout in town created by Callaway Golf.  Greens fees are $100 per twosome and includes parking, snacks and beverages along the course, and a limited edition hat.

Golfers tee off from different concourses hitting to four greens located in the outfield.  Each green has two different hole locations.

Take a peek at the video below to check out the course’s cool layout! 

What better way to prepare for a day at the ballpark than by singing that familiar seventh inning stretch song (with a few, golf adjustments along the way) … sing it with me!

Take me out to the golf course, take me out to for a game.
Buy me some golf balls at plastic tees,
I don’t care if I hit a few trees,
For its swing, hit, chip for a birdie,
If I don’t make one, it’s a shame
For it’s one, two, three putts I stink,
At this old golf game!