Friday Funday: Worst Shot


Here’s a fun game where it pays to be consistent. 

Played either by yourself or with any number of playing partners (so long as you can keep up pace of play), “Worst Shot” is well, pretty self-explanatory.  You tee off twice and play your worst shot!

Ok, so what that means is this: standing on the tee box you hit two drives.  You then select the worse shot and play the hole in from there.

For example: if I pure one right down the middle and then tug a drive a little left and into the woods, I’ll be playing from the hole from the pines. 

Winning is simple: the player with the lowest score from their worst ball wins! 

What this game teaches you is consistency is everything in golf.  Hitting the fairway once is great, but doing it time and again will lead to better scores … and more money staying in your wallet!

Now get out there and play some golf using the “worst shot” game, and watch as the pressure mounts on your buddies to hit the 18th fairway twice in a row or face the dreaded bar tab!