Friday Funday: Bag Carry


Bag Carry; it’s a fun twist on match play that can get tired real quick … literally.

Ideally this format is played between two players (though four can work but you must split into teams).  Scoring is conducted the same way as match play; the golfer(s) with the lowest total on each hole wins.  But here’s the twist.  The golfer who loses the hole has to carry the other golfer’s bag until he wins a new hole.

So, for example, if I make birdie on No. 1 and you make par, well, you’re carrying my bag for hole No. 2.  If we tie on the second hole, well, you’re gonna be carrying my bag on hole No. 3 and so on, that is, until you beat me. 

Now, when you do beat me, then it’s my turn to repay the favor and carry your bag until I beat you. 

So the goal is easy, play well and be rewarded with your own personal caddie!

Matches can be played straight up or handicapped depending on skill (and friendliness) level.  And talking from experience, don’t lose the first hole and tie the rest of the way.  I lost the opening hole against a teammate while playing at Northwestern and ended up carrying his dang bag for the final 17 holes.  Needless to say, I needed a nap after the round.

Alrighty so get out there and enjoy some friendly competition!  Make a birdie and make em your caddie.

(Helpful hint, stash a few extra beverages in the pockets to weigh it down, your playing partner will love that!)