Friday Funday: 5-3-1 (Nines)


Having trouble finding a fun game to play as a threesome?  Well, we’ve found a solution for you.

Try playing 5-3-1 – sometimes referred to as Nines – with your buddies.

The rules are simple.  Each hole has a total of nine points available.  Lowest score on the hole gets 5 points, second lowest gets 3 points and the highest score gets 1 point. 

  • Low score = 5

  • Second lowest  score = 3

  • Highest score = 1

In the event two players tie for the lowest score, they split 4 points while the worst score still gets 1.  If those two players tie for the worst score, they get 2 points apiece while the top dog gets 5.  And should all players tie, everyone gets 3 points.

At the beginning of the round, predetermine how much each point is worth.  Then, at the end of the round have everyone total up their points and pay out the differences.

Got four players?  No worries, the more the merrier!  A simple adjustment to the points available gives everyone a chance to share in the joy … or misery … depending on how you play of course.

With four players, each hole is worth 16 points and the breakdown is as follows:

  • Low score = 7 points

  • Second lowest score = 5

  • Third lowest score = 3

  • High score = 1

Ties work the same way: points are added and then divided by the number who tied.  So if two people tied for low score … 7+5=12 points … divided by two players equals 6 points apiece.

If the sun is shining this weekend your clubs should be swinging!  Get out there and enjoy this fun game with your buddies!