Friday Fun-day: Wolf


The weekend is just around the corner and that means NFL playoffs, sleeping in and, of course, our favorite activity: golf!

Every Friday we’ll bring you some great games to play with your golf buddies.  Today’s game: Wolf.

It’s a betting game meant for four players (though three works just as well).  Players rotate being the “wolf” and choose whether to play the hole 1 vs. 3 or 2 vs. 2.  The wolf tees off first, followed by his playing partners; if the wolf wants to play the hole 2 vs. 2, he or she must choose their partner immediately after their drive. 

For example, the wolf tees off, followed by Player A.  If Player A hits a bad drive, and Player B hits a good one, the wolf must choose Player B before Player C tees off.  

The wolf can also decided to go it alone 1 vs. 3 style, but be warned, the wolf can either win or lose double.

The side with the lowest better ball score wins the hole (if you’re going solo, yourscore must beat the best score of your playing partners).  If it’s 2 vs. 2, the lowest scoring team wins the bet/points.  If its 1 vs. 3, the wolf wins double … or loses double.

There’s also the option to go “lone wolf” in which the wolf announces he/she will be flying solo before anyone tees off.  It’s a gamble, but the rewards are great … wolf wins triple … or loses triple.

So go on, be a big bad wolf this weekend!