Friday Fun-day: Bag Raid


On this Friday fun-day we bring to you one of the more exciting games to play with your buddies.  “Bag Raid,” a great game where good play puts your playing partner at a serious disadvantage.

How so? 

Well, Bag Raid is played with either two or four players (though, there’s definitely a way to accommodate three).  Players compete in a match play setting; when a golfer or team wins the hole, they “remove” a club from the opponent’s bag.  Removing the club means that player can’t use it for the rest of the round. 

So, for instance, if I make par and you make bogey, I get to remove any club in your bag.  I’d probably take your driver, maybe a wedge, or, even better, your putter!  If you tie, everyone wins and keeps their clubs until the next hole. 

The game continues until you win the match, which could be rather soon as more clubs continue to vacate the golf bag.

A fun twist on the game allows players to add clubs back to their bag if they make a birdie.

Ok, so go on out and make your playing partners sweat a little bit.  I bet you’d love to see them putting with a 7-iron!