Found it on eBay: The Ti Pod


Do you slice the golf ball? 

Is your over-the-top move creating 300-yard drives (150 yards forward and 150 yards right)?

Well, we’ve found the golf club that can (possibly) cure your bad slice blues.

Feast your eyes on the Carizma Power TiPod Driver, brought to us by Scott of golfclubs4cash on eBay. 


With a design that looks like something straight out of a science fiction movie, the TiPod’s 45-degree, face-balance set up eliminates slices and corrects mishits with “gear-effect” spin to straighten trajectory.  A 200-gram cast-titanium shell frames the club, giving it maximum perimeter weighting and producing a natural, drawing ball flight.

So what’s this scientific tech talk mean?  Simply put, take a swing with this bad boy, and all your fades will, well, fade away.  You won’t miss the mishits. 

And when you take into consideration that for most amateur golfers 93% of all shots are off-center strikes, a little forgiveness can go a long, 300-yard way.

Head on over to its eBay listing page to buy the TiPod today.