Found it on eBay: Pickle Putter


This putter is the real dill.

Ok, bad joke.

But seriously, this pickle putter will make your buddies green with envy.

Ok, ok, we’ll stop.

Special thanks to eBay seller mkv1957 for letting us share with the world this awesome, vintage, novelty flatstick.  Cast from brass, this right-handed putter is about as unique as they come and will surely get your foursome talking.


If you want to make this pickle putter (kind of just rolls right off the tongue doesn’t it?) yours, head on over to its eBay listing and buy it now or make your best offer.

If you’re lucky enough to win it, one thing is clear, this putter will help you jar more putts.

Ok, ok, last one we promise, we just relish these jokes.

… sorry.

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