Found it on eBay: Goss Inc. Guillotine Putter

BCDN Guillotine

Whistle while you putt! 

Take a peek at this pick-axe looking putter made by Goss Inc.  The rare Model 808 “Guillotine Style Putter” is truly one-of-a-kind and sure to get the conversation started with your golf buddies.

Left-handed?  Right-handed?  Doesn’t matter!  The unique design is perfect for two-way use.  And while it may not be the prettiest looking golf club, it certainly could come in handy if your ball comes to rest near a gator-infested pond!

Special thanks to eBay seller macsatwsu for letting us share this amazing club!  If you think this putter would look good in your collection, head over to its auction page and Buy It Now!

Pretty sure I saw Sneezy using this down in the mines though …