Found it on eBay: Golf Inspired Scorecard Shredder


You ever have one of those rounds that you would just like to forget? 

Perhaps one too many snowmen on the card, three, three-putts or four, four-putts?  Shoot, maybe a heated match with your buddies came down to the final hole and you went all Jean Van de Velde on them.

Well good news, that scorecard of sorrow can now be erased from history with this handy, dandy golf-inspired paper shredder.  It’s been said the best way to improve your score is to use an eraser.  Well, we think we’ve found something way more effective.

Its design would make Pete Dye jealous.  A slight dogleg right with bunkers flanking the fairway and protecting the green is framed by a water hazard all down the right ready to eat up any golf balls … or pieces of paper.  And with its electric motor no double or triple bogey can withstand its shredding might.

Thanks go out to eBay seller sugar4920012012 for letting us share with the world this truly unique scorecard “corrector.”  If you want to make it yours head on over to its eBay listing page and buy it now for $25.50.

Hey, even the pros have bad days.  We feel ya Rory ...