Found it on eBay: Foot Putter

Foot Putter

You’ve heard of the foot wedge.  Well, we present to you the foot putter!

Sure to give you a leg up on the competition, check out this unique flat stick we found while sifting through the online treasure trove that is eBay.  With this club, all your putts are kick ins!

(It’s early Friday morning, that’s the best we had).

Foot Putter 2

Lag putting will be a breeze; you’ll hit all your putts to within a foot!

(Any better?)

Special thanks to eBay seller mkv1957 for letting us share it.

If you’re interested in adding this item to your collection, head over to its eBay auction page and buy it now or make an offer.

And be sure to tune in week for our next wacky find on eBay, home to a world of wondrous golf goodies.

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