Blue Greens: It's Gonna Sting

sad golfer

Every golfer knows, three putts hurt. But three-putting from two feet? Well, that’s just downright cruel.

Such was the case for Al Watrous who let his shot at the 1932 PGA Championship slip through his fingers in the harshest way possible. Watrous was cruising to victory over Bobby Cruickshank at Keller Golf Course in St. Paul, MN; he was nine up with 12 holes to play. According to the PGA’s history books, Watrous conceded a downhill six-footer for par, a bad idea as it marked an incredible turnaround. Cruickshank went on to win nine of the next 11 holes to tie the match and force extras.

On the fourth extra playoff hole, Watrous had a chance at redemption, but three putted from two feet. Yes, that’s right, three wiggles from gimmie distance. Ouch. On the very next hole Cruickshank poured in the winning putt, inserting the final dagger to Watrous’ not so wondrous afternoon.

We’ll say it again … ouch.

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