WLGO Fundraising Tips

WLGO Fisher House

The 2018 World’s Largest Golf Outing is approaching fast! With just 6 weeks until #WLGO18, we wanted to share a few tips to help kick start your fundraising efforts. So far, over $50,000 have been raised for Fisher House Foundation by registered teams and courses. To reach our fundraising goal of $1 million, every course will need to raise an average of $8,600 over the remaining 6 weeks. These tips will help make your fundraising experience easier and more successful. Remember, there are many great prizes for teams that raise the most money, both at individual courses and nationwide. For more details about the prizes, read here.

Tips for Teams and Players

1. Power of 10.

By simply asking 10 people to donate $10, and share with 10 more people, you can easily reach 100 people and fundraise hundreds. Every $10 donation covers the costs to house one family for one night at a Fisher House. Post the link to your team page on Facebook and email friends asking for donations.

2. Encourage your friends to sign up!

Encourage your friends to register for WLGO at your course! Not only will this raise more money, but it will provide healthy competition between participating teams. At the end of the day, raising money for military members and their families, the people who deserve it the most, is the most important aspect of WLGO.

3. Promote WLGO at your office.

Convince your company to give the day off to employees who register for WLGO and encourage your co-workers to form teams. Organize a fundraising competition in your office, just like we have here at Billy Casper Golf! See if you company will match donations to your team. If they do not, ask if they will donate or sponsor the local event.

4. Provide Updates.

Keep all your donors and potential donors in the lop and let them know how your team’s fundraising progress. The more they are aware the greater chance they might want to donate to your team again or donate if they have not yet.

5. Follow WLGO on social media.

Update everyone on event details, donation standings, and even highlight teams and courses going the extra mile. You can then help educate your friends and family on what WLGO is all about! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.