The best Mother's Day stories from our #DriverCrazy contest


Throughout this week, you've been telling us some great stories about your moms with the hopes of winning a beautiful new Callaway Golf X2 Hot driver for a Mother's Day gift. While we only had one winner, selected at random, we wanted to share some of the great stories that made their way onto our Facebook page or tweeted at us.

From Jordan Moore:

My mother has always been a trooper!! She's put up with everything all the time! Even to this day and I'm 18 years old. There was one time that I always have to thank my mom because one she was driving me a hour away from home to my baseball game. And we arrived to the baseball game early and we met up with a couple of my friends for lunch before the game. Well we are eating lunch and I notice I don't have my lucky belt on. Now I was a weird kid and whenever I played baseball I had to wear my lucky black belt. Well I forgot to grab my belt from home and she knew how much that belt ment to me! And i didn't even have to beg her she got in the car and drove all the way home to grab my belt and drove all the waaay back just so I had my lucky belt. She could have easily just said no or go to Big 5 that was right across the street, no instead she drove all the way home just so I could have my lucky belt! And to this day she always messes with me before I leave the house she always asks me "you got your belt". I will never forget that moment because it was a time when she showed she truly cared about me! And me and her do everything together we even enjoy playing golf together! Now she uses my drive and it would be nice to give her her own driver for Mother's Day! She would absolutely love it! And I'll probably give her a belt too. Haha 

From Sean Kennedy:

I grew up with nine brothers and three sisters in western NY state, and if we weren't driving my mother crazy every second of the day, something was wrong! My dad worked three jobs and was rarely around, so my mom was "in charge" most of the time. My brothers, their friends and me were always doing the very things that Mom told us not to and the majority of the time we got away with it. But not the time we hopped a train that was slowly moving through our town. We all got picked up by the cops and brought home. I am still absolutely amazed that she wasn't sent to an asylum, but then again she was already at one, at home!! My mom is turning 90 years old in July of this year (Dad is going to be 90 in June) and they are celebrating 66 years married and still are relatively sane . I could write a whole slew of books on the adventures of the Kennedy boys and what we put our parents through but I really am certain that my Mom and Dad wouldn't trade one day of their lives for all that they have given to all of us. Happy Mother's Day Mom!

From Gregory Pinyan:

When I was 12, I gave her a baseball bat for Mothers Day. To this day on my birthday, I get a bottle of Chanel # 5. Yes, my mom's favorite perfume.

From Jason Cherpak: 

Mom put up with my golfing....a lot.... I used to chip over her station wagon....a lot... And I broke her windows....a lot... This would be a nice way to say I'm sorry. (and a matching one for me would be nice also)

From Susie Horton:

I was in high school and my mom couldn't talk because she had blistered vocal chords. so she had to use a dry erase board because she couldn't yell at me.

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