Team Birddog Takes The Lead

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We have just over two months until August 6th, the World’s Largest Golf Outing (WLGO) is well underway! Since 2011, WLGO has raised more than $3.7 million supporting military members and their families. There are 108 registered courses and counting, for this year’s event. We are working hard towards reaching our fundraising goal of $1 million and so far, over $27,000 have been raised by participating teams and courses.

We are extremely excited to work with Fisher House Foundation, to support their network of 76 comfort homes where military and veterans’ families can stay at no cost while a loved one is receiving treatment. Since 1990, Fisher House has served over 335,000 families and provided more than 8 million days of free lodging. Beyond this, the Hero Miles program uses donated frequent flyer miles to bring family members to the bedside of injured service members, furthering their amazing support and making it easier for military families to be with their loved ones during times of need.

WLGO is more than just a great day of golf; it’s about coming together to make a difference through participation and team fundraising which is why we value your fundraising ability just as much as your golfing ability. Team Birddog from Jack Frost National Golf Club in Blaskeslee, PA is truly taking this message to heart. Last year they raised over $10,000 taking 3rd place in the fundraising competition. This year Team Birddog is motivated to take home 1st place after catapulting to the top of the leader board following donations totaling $15,540. Go Team Birddog!

With continued hard work and dedication from teams like Team Birddog and many others, we hope to reach our fundraising goal of $1 million in 2018. By registering to play in WLGO you automatically donate $10, which you will see listed on your Team page. Big or small - Every dollar counts! Did you know that $10 houses a family in a Fisher House facility for one night? Each donation makes a huge difference! Thank you to Team Birddog for leading the way!

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