LINKS: Lessons with Liz - Swing Tips for Left-Handed Golfers

LINKS Lesson with Liz | Liz Bauernfeind, PGA

August 13th is National Left-Handers Day!
It can be difficult being a lefty in the game of golf and these tips have been created to help any lefty with setup tips, swing thoughts, and finish position. 

1. Grip

LINKS: Lessons with Liz - Lefty Grip

When gripping the club, start with the right hand on top (closest to the end of the grip) and the left hand underneath. The grip should be in our fingers, not the palm. To help get this feeling, look for the crease between the palm and thumb. If you can see the grip, the club is not in your fingers and should be adjusted. 

2. Shoulders

LINKS: Lessons with Liz - Lefty Shoulder Tilt

When addressing the ball, the right shoulder (the leading shoulder) should pointing up in the air to help the ball into the air. 

3. Backswing

LINKS: Lessons with Liz - Lefty Backswing
In the backswing, we want to rotate on our left leg by keeping our left ankle, knee, hip, and shoulder inline. At the same time, the right knee (front knee) should bend into the left leg (back leg), this will help allow the body to rotate the club back. When the club is parallel to the ground, the clubface should be facing away from the ground. At this point the clubface is square. When the clubface is square it allows us to hit a straight shot. 

4. Finish

LINKS: Lessons with Liz - Lefty Finish
When finishing the swing, there are 3 simple check points, the club shaft, knees, and the left foot. First, the shaft of the club should be between the ears, behind the head. When the hands finish high, the ball finishes high. At the same time, the left and right knee need to come close together to touch (or almost touch) as if there were cymbals between the knees that are clashing together. In order to help the knees together, the left foot will come up onto the toes and the bottom of the shoe will be visible.  

Happy National Left-Handers Day! Hope these tips have you ready for the course. 

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