LINKS: Lessons with Liz - 6 Bunker Tips to Hit Out of Greenside Bunkers

LINKS Lesson with Liz | Liz Bauernfeind, PGA

Bunker shots can be intimidating at times but these 6 tips will help you to hit out of a greenside bunker with ease.

1.  Ball in the middle of the stance
We setup with the ball in the middle of our stance because it stabilizes our body and allows for the ball and club to line up at the bottom of the swing arch.  

2. Open Clubface
We open the clubface to help the ball up into the air and out of the bunker. We want the face pointing to the sky, almost like frying an egg on it. 

3. Open Stance
Because the clubface is now open, the ball wants to go directly off to the right (for right-handed players). To counteract this, we open our stance the opposite direction. This will make the ball go straight. 

4. Steep swing
In a normal golf swing the club moves around our bodies like a carousel. When hitting out of a bunker, we want to swing in more of a "V" shape - straight up and straight down motion. This helps the club cut through the sand and pop the ball out of the bunker with ease. In our backswing, we want the grip of the club up by our ears so almost have a feeling of holding an umbrella.

Holding the club up closer to your ears, like an umbrella, is better for hitting out of the sand

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5. Hit Behind the Ball

When we are in a greenside bunker, we need to take sand. When watching golf on television, we see most of the pros have a big splash of sand and that comes from hitting behind the ball. We want to hit about 2 inches behind the ball so the inertia forces the ball out of the sand, not direct club to ball contact. 

6. Accelerate Through the Ball
Many of us may have noticed that after attempting a shot out of the bunker, our golf ball is still in the sand. This problem can be solved with acceleration through the ball. We want to swing hard at the ball and follow through after our shot. If we swing into the sand and stop, the ball will stop; but if we swing through the sand, the ball will have enough power to fly out of the bunker. 

Bunker shots are some of the most intimating shots in golf which means it needs the most confidence. When we are intimidated it is best to remember that if we have to count the stroke, we might as well make it count by swinging with confidence!   

WATCH bunker practice tips here

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