Industry News: May

Billy Casper Golf Managed Facility

With abounding consumer confidence in the economy, will the move of the PGA Championship to May and Tiger’s return to form at the Master’s provide a “perfect storm” to golf courses nationwide?  Regardless, as an Owner/operator, I want to share some focal points.  If this resonates and you would like to discuss further, do not hesitate to contact myself or our team.

Sales is Service

Golf is an unusual business – few businesses have their lowest paid employees spend the most time interacting with their “clients” (guests/golfers/patrons).  Frankly, this can be said of the entire hospitality segment.  As a golf course owner operator, ensuring that the entire frontline staff understands and embraces their purpose, not just their task, is a HUGE accomplishment.  One of our greatest challenges is ensuring that each team member understands that sales is part of that purpose - anticipating each guest’s needs during his/her time at your facility.  Implementing this culture shift and mentality will make your operation successful and more profitable.     

Industry Initiatives that work

For golf courses looking to better connect with their local community, Youth on Course might be the perfect start.  Youth on Course is currently subsidizing junior rounds of golf for participating golf courses.  Brainchild of the Northern California Golf Association, The NCGA Foundation began as a way to increase the accessibility and affordability of golf for Northern California youth.  It quickly became apparent that there was a huge demand for this initiative outside of Northern California. The NCGA Foundation was re-imagined as a nationwide initiative to grow the game, and the name Youth on Course was born to establish a national identity. Youth on Course partners with state and regional golf associations across the country.  Simply put, it is a great way to further entrench yourself with your community and improve the future of our great game. To learn more, visit:


Most everyone would agree that feedback is critical to success.  More importantly, proactive response to feedback allows clubs to create “wow” moments and amazing experiences at high- impact touch points.  Why do so many businesses fail to solicit meaningful feedback?  My guess, human nature causes us to characterize feedback as positive or negative – when in reality, feedback is only a neutral piece of information that can be leveraged to improve.

My question - how do you and your team members elicit actionable feedback and cut through the noise and clutter?  Regardless of the vehicle for capturing feedback – surveys, listening posts, focus groups, etc – if you fail to ask targeted questions, you will not get actionable responses.  When it comes to continually improving in the hospitality industry, ignorance is not bliss.

Time to reinvest?

The economy continues strong growth, despite angst over trade tariffs, and it appears a bullish run will continue for an extended period of time.  Recent headlines read, “Unemployment rate at a record low, key interest rates are unchanged, and wages are significantly up.”  Last time there was this much consumer confidence in the economy, Clinton was in office.  The golf industry is no different, and BCG is reinvesting in many of our golf courses with a keen eye on ROI.  To this end, BCG completes capital assessments for all of our facilities to determine best use of valuable resources.  Whether you are an individual owner, HOA, or member club – if you need assistance refining capital investments and ROI expectations – we can provide clarity with our proprietary process.   

Equip the Athlete

As a business owner/operator, we are always exploring opportunities to improve performance without incurring additional expense.  For the last few years, we received a rash of inquiries from various course owners - private club members, HOA Boards, municipalities, and individuals – that have the desired team members, but recognize the need for better tools and support for their team to compete efficiently and effectively in the market.  To this end, we have experienced a significant increase in the number of facilities to which we provide a la carte services – tools built by golf course owners for golf course owners.  Customized service offerings provide flexible options for owners looking to maintain complete operational control over their facility. If your team needs better tools, feel free to reach out to discuss further. | 703.891.3387