Industry News: April

Billy Casper Golf

With the conclusion of The Masters, the golf season is finally here. What year is it anyway? Was that Tiger Woods in a green jacket?  Here’s hoping we follow Tiger’s lead and revert to the late 90’s early 2000’s form at our facilities in 2019.

Below are a few top-of-mind topics and initiatives which may prove helpful.  If you’d like to discuss further, kindly contact me.

Embracing the Grind

The boom of “How to” books, podcasts, and other media, dedicated to increasing effectiveness and efficiency, seems reminiscent of the growth of the Health and Fitness Industry to $30 Billion per year.  There are countless books with slightly different slants on a recurring theme – focus ALL your time and energy on the priorities – what really matters.  There is no denying the positive impact of prioritization and effective time management.  In an effort to increase productivity beyond prioritization, I read “When” by Daniel Pink – an interesting analysis of maximizing effectiveness tied to our bodies’ natural circadian rhythms.  

Cliff notes version - As a golf course owner/department head/business unit leader, now is the time to (1) determine priorities AND spend all your time and energy on those items – do not waste time, your most precious resource, on items that do not move the needle; (2) prioritize activities in your day based on when you will naturally be most effective; AND (3) #Embracethegrind.   

Strategic Sales

Every golf course is dependent on its’ sales team or dedicated individual to “feed the top of the funnel” – i.e. sell and promote the club as if they owned it.  A recent conversation with a client was eye-opening as it pertained to top-line growth.  The client had identified two areas in which our impact with staff was tangible; (1) identifying a specific sales segment and reinforcing the desired sales focus with staff until ingrained, and (2) communicating a sales process to each team member and holding them accountable to the steps in the process – not the end result.  Simply put, whatever is identified, measured and celebrated becomes the focus (desired or not) of your team.  The golf season has just begun and sales are always in season, so, now would be a good time to reestablish and reinforce the segments, targets, and process for growing revenues at your club.      

Changing Golf Participation

The National Golf Foundation (NGF) just released the 2019 Golf Industry Report, reaffirming what Erik Anderson, Executive Chairman, TopGolf shared at BCG’s 30th Celebration – 30% of Golf Participation is occurring at off-course golf entertainment venues.  Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, to this end, we are utilizing Top Tracer technology at green grass facilities to supercharge our practice facility and create a new social amenity within the community – Experience, Engagement, Community.  

Cold weather operators take heart – Simulators are a significant growth opportunity in which you can improve the experience, increase engagement, and further connect with your community.  Feel free to reach out and I can provide additional insights and info about our success stories with non-traditional golf.


April is the fourth month and seemed appropriate to share one of our successful grass roots initiatives – 4More.  It is a simple concept – what can your golf course do to find four more golfers each day within your current circumstances.   

What initiative will work best at your facility and what will motivate your team to create additional revenues?  Individual contests, leaderboards, and frequent incentives should be the norm.  Identify your MORE and over-communicate your MORE.   Choose a simple and specific revenue focus, outline the plan for implementation and measurement, involve 100% of your team in the process, and have fun celebrating and rewarding the desired behaviors.  

Based on our experiences, your team will deliver the results and find ways to exceed your expectations.  FYI – tee sheet management might be a good place to start!

Kool & The Gang

BCG recently celebrated our 30-Year Anniversary at Reunion Resort in Orlando – a great time to rekindle relationships and reconnect with fellow team members nationwide.   I heard the word “FAMILY” repeated throughout as one person after another shared his/her experiences as part of the BCG Family.  Cue the soundtrack – “WE ARE FAMILY” – seriously though, the FAMILY mentality is a core part of our history and definitely defines our actions and differentiates us from others. 

The importance of our actions resonated during the formal presentation of funds raised during the 2018 “World’s Largest Golf Outing” (WLGO) for the Fisher House Foundation.  That moment clearly reinforced the purposeful mentality of the BCG Family. | 703.891.3387