Golf the Corporate Woman’s Secret Weapon

Golf the Corporate Woman’s Secret Weapon

Any politician, senior executive, community leader, or successful entrepreneur knows that ultimately it’s not about who you know, it’s about who knows you. Golf is a networker’s game. Relationships formed on the course are the catalyst for success. In today’s super competitive corporate environment women must play golf, as it has become common to play golf to build relationships and close deals.

Being on the course means being in the game literally, it’s being where the decisions are being made. Many times office talk turns to birdies, hole in ones, and perfect greens, these networking opportunities can’t be missed, they lead to invites to on course meetings.

If you can talk golf you often have a chance to talk to the CEO or possibly an executive level above you. Catching on yet, golf is a business move; did you know executives who play golf make 17% more than then those that do not?

By the way golf is FUN! These people out on golf courses are not out there because they hate the game. It’s a great way to stay fit, consuming 1500 calories a round when you walk or the equivalent of 5 miles.

With golf’s fun clothes and amazing destinations you’re guaranteed to have a good time. Worried you will be terrible, don’t be, only 10% of golfers play under 100 and most executives are not in that 10%.

Replace the idea that most men on corporate outings are good golfers, with the idea they are out to have fun, be outside, make friends, and influence people; and suddenly it’s an equal playing field.

Ladies it’s time to step up in the business world, grab a club, and make golf business deals for us too!

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