Calling All WLGO Nominations!

Wilson Nomination

The World’s Largest Golf Outing is 6 weeks away! We are highlighting one of this year’s national prizes, drawing attention to personal connections with #WLGO18. We love to hear stories about how this great event impacts everyone on an individual level. That’s why we are asking everyone to tell us your favorite connection, story or memory of the World’s Largest Golf Outing and Fisher House Foundation! Use this opportunity to get creative and share with us your best story. Questions to think about when writing in:

Wilson Iron
  • What is your favorite experience fundraising for WLGO and Fisher House Foundation?
  • What inspires you to play in WLGO?
  • Does your team do anything special on the day of the event? (Crazy uniforms, social media presence, on course support from family and friends)
  • How many family members have played in WLGO?
  • What does WLGO mean to you?

Conversely, if there is someone in your life that you believe has a better story to tell than yourself, nominate them—we want to hear it all! Please send your nominations and stories to us via email, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram by July 31st. We will pick our favorite story as the winner! Thank you to Wilson Golf for providing a set of USA-themed irons as a prize for the best story!