Aloha FootGolf in Maui

FootGolf, the widely popular golf-soccer combination.

FootGolf has found a footing in Maui. Yes, every pun intended. On Friday, June 12 Kaanapali Golf Courses will become the first facility in Maui to offer FootGolf to the general public. A ceremony will be held at 3 p.m. on the first tee of the Kaanapali Kai Course to celebrate the introduction of the widely popular golf-soccer hybrid.

“We are excited to present this new, fun way for families and non-golfers to experience recreational golf,” says Ed Kageyama, PGA General Manager at Kaanapali Golf Courses. “Summer is the perfect time to kick off (no pun intended) FootGolf.”

Nine and 18 holes of FootGolf will be available at Kaanpali after 3 p.m. seven days a week. Starting at $15 to walk and an additional $15 to ride a shared cart, players can bring their own soccer balls or rent one for $5. Kaanapali joins several other BCG-managed courses across America to launch the exciting sport in 2015.

In FootGolf, each hole is assigned a "par" and players tee off using a soccer ball, strategically kicking it until they make it in the 21-inch cup. Holes are cut into the rough to protect conditions of fairways and greens, and to avoid affecting everyday golfers. The American FootGolf League provides a rulebook for players to follow.

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