Surf the Earth at St. Johns Golf & Country Club

GolfBoard at St.Johns - Surf The Earth

Guests at St. Johns Golf & Country Club can’t get enough of the revolutionary GolfBoard. Golfers and non-golfers alike are lining up to “Surf the Earth” and experience their favorite St. Augustine-area course in a new and exciting way.

Standing atop a skateboard-like deck powered by a lithium-ion battery, golfers effortlessly glide across the humps and bumps of St. Johns. A mount for golf bags is positioned on the front of the GolfBoard while a wireless, handheld remote lets golfers cruise from hole to hole at a top speed of 10 mph. Turning is accomplished by gently shifting weight left or right.

“They are extremely popular,” says Brian Rogers, Head Golf Professional at St. Johns Golf & Country Club. “It’s a great way to separate our facility here from other places.”

St. Johns is one of only two clubs in Florida and five in the country that feature the GolfBoard. There are eight boards available for rent; cost is the same as a regular cart rental. Act fast to reserve your board today!

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