DIY: Personalizing Your Putter


Looking for a quick(ish) way to set your golf clubs apart from your playing partners?  Re-finish them!  Nothing screams individual like a unique paint job.

I recently sat down and turned my Scotty Cameron into a work of art.  All you need is a couple of hours, patience and a handful of supplies from your local hardware and arts & crafts stores and you’re ready to get your Picasso on.

Here are some instructions – and a few tips I learned along the way – to help make your putter a one-of-a-kind birdie-makin’ machine. 

What you’ll need:  Heavy duty paint remover (you can find it anywhere, I got mine from Walmart), small paint brush, Testors enamel paint and applicator bottle/needle (I got mine from Michael’s, fyi download their app, its got awesome coupons) and a few golf tees.  


Step 1 – Clean your putter with warm water and dry completely

Step 2 – This was the most time-consuming part, brush on the heavy duty paint remover to the painted areas.  Make sure you wear gloves and even protective goggles, that stuff burns, trust me I know from experience.

Step 3 – Wait about 10 minutes to let the paint peel up, then wipe away clean.

Step 4 – You may need to re-apply paint remover; make sure there is no paint left on the putter, it will make the finished product that much better.

Step 5 – Using the paint applicator, squeeze on your desired paint color, whipping away any excess that spills out over the lettering.

Step 6 – Let the paint dry

Step 7 – Check to see if any areas need more paint (I had to do two layers of paint in some of the deeper-set letters) and add any necessary paint.

Step 8 – Remove excess paint

Step 9 – Using a golf tee, use the tip to scrape away any dried excess paint around the letters to leave a clean, professional look.  (Tip of the week – for best results, let it dry overnight then scrape, it’s a tough wait, but you’ll thank me later).

Step 10 – Show off your new putter; don’t be shy, use it to drain birdies on your buddies like it’s your job.

There’s plenty of trial and error, but I can attest, it gets easier as you go along.  And the finished product is well worth it!

Oh, why the Green and Yellow on my putter?  Well, for the 5-0 Green Bay Packers of course, duh.  I was born and raised in the corn fields of Racine, WI.  The Packers are a way of life, a Sunday afternoon institution.  With Aaron Rodgers at the helm, nothing can keep us from … ok, ok, I’ll stop.

Go Pack Go!

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