What are those perfect touches that make your golf round better?

Mint on the pillow

If you come to a Billy Casper Golf facility, you're going to get more than a good golf experience. You're also going to get great customer service. Our people go out of their way to make sure your time at our courses is memorable.

Bear Creek cold towels

We like to refer to these touches as "mints on the pillow," and we wanted to share some of them with you, just in case you haven't noticed them:

  • Virginia Oaks Golf Club offers apples at the turn to their players. A local plumber has donated the apples, placed in a bucket filled with ice so they're fresh and crisp when groups head to the back nine.
  • Lyman Orchards in Connecticut gives out pies -- yes, pies! -- to players when they complete their rounds.
  • Dallas' Bear Creek offers cold towels and cookies to players during the round. Both sound wonderful!
  • At Broad Bay Country Club near Virginia Beach, staffers greet members at the 18th green following their round, clean their clubs and take them back into storage or to their car as a courtesy.
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