The perils of building a golf course on a former landfill

Sanctuary Lake Golf Course

Sanctuary Lake Golf Course is, well, unique. The Doug Treadwell design opened in 2004, so it's a young course. But that doesn't make it unique.

The course has dramatic elevation changes, but that doesn't make the course particularly special.

What does make this Michigan course different is that it was built on top of a former landfill (which explains the elevation changes). Making that kind of conversion, like New Jersey's Liberty National, is a challenge not only during construction, but in terms of upkeep. For years, the BCG team has battled areas of dead grass located on some of our fairways due to the concentration of methane gas from the old landfill. So, in 2013, the team devised a plan to help alleviate the problem. The team trenched under these areas and laid perforated drainage pipe to allow the gas to escape before reaching the roots of the grass and damaging the plant.

The good ideas just keep coming for Sanctuary Lake!

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