Sydney Marovitz's golf shop doubles as brilliant Chicago observatory

Clocktower Cafe

Waveland Park has always been home to Sydney Marovitz Golf Course, a Chicago Park District golf course sitting on the shores of Lake Michigan, blocks from downtown.

The park is also home to the historical Waveland Fieldhouse, which now serves as the course's golf shop.  Built in 1931, the fieldhouse has stood on the shores of Lake Michigan for 83 years while the city has taken shape around it. The Wolford Clock Tower, the signature architectural feat of the eight-decade-old building dominates the landscape of the park, where tens of thousands runners and cars pass by everyday on Lakeshore Drive and its accompanying running trails. 

Sydney Marovitz clubhouse views

What the millions of people who see the Waveland Fieldhouse and Wolford Clock Tower donโ€™t see, however, is the view from the Tower, until now.  We recently ascended the Tower to see the views of the golf course, Lake Michigan and Wrigley Field.  What we saw didnโ€™t disappoint, and it unquestionably leaves Sydney Marovitz the right to brag about one of the best golf shops in the game of golf.

Sydney Marovitz clubhouse views
Sydney Marovitz clubhouse views
Sydney Marovitz Wrigley view

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