Surfs Up at Reston National


One of golf’s hottest product just arrived at Reston National Golf Course. Riding a wave of popularity, the GolfBoard has made an immediate hit with local golfers.

“We can barely keep them on the charger,” says Brian Simpson, General Manager of Reston National Golf Course. “The thrill of GolfBoarding has the ability to change the future of the game; we’re so excited to offer this new method of traversing the course to our loyal golfers.”

The industry’s first and only substantive surf-inspired motorized vehicle, GolfBoards allow golfers to “sure the earth” and cruise fairways in style. Users turn the board by intuitively shifting body weight in a carving motion; think snowboard, but on grass.

And if speed is what you’re looking for? Rest easy, the GolfBoard has plenty of pop. Golfers can cruise fairways at 6 to 10 mph and can simply adjust the speed via a one-touch switch. A bar on the front lends some stability, while your golf clubs fit snuggly in front of you.

There’s so many benefits of riding the GolfBoard:

  1. It’s fun
  2. It improves pace of play
  3. It’s increasing rounds played
  4. It’s more active than sitting in a traditional cart
  5. It’s fun

Six GolfBoards are available at Reston National, and trust us, they’re in high demand so it’s best to call ahead and reserve one. Check out Reston’s website to learn more or call the pro shop at 703.620.9333.

Oh, did we say GolfBoarding is fun?!