National Golf Day 2019

2019 National Golf Day, May 1st

Decisions made each day on Capital Hill affect the golf industry and May 1st, National Golf Day, is for our leaders to seek fair and equal treatment.  The U.S. has experienced several natural disasters in the past few years including flooding and destruction to golf courses. Unfortunately, public golf courses are deemed ineligible to receive disaster tax relief – which WE ARE GOLF is seeking to overturn.

How does the golf industry impact the United States?

  • Economic Impact - Golf is a $84 billion industry and generates nearly two million jobs.
  • Charitable Efforts - $3.9 billion in charitable donations is collected through charity golf tournaments each year.
  • Sustainability - Golf is dedicated to reducing the environmental impact through conservation, preservation, and protection.
  • Heath & Wellness - Walking 18 holes is equivalent to walking 5 miles, or 10,000 steps. 

Golf impacts more people than you would expect, almost 1 in 9 Americans play golf. In 2018, there were 24 million 'traditional' golfers, an individual who plays at least 1 round of a golf at a course, for a total of 434 million rounds played. While 9.3 million people played golf at 'off-course facilities', a facility like a driving range, a Topgolf like facility, or an indoor simulator.

2019 National Golf Day Economic Impact

Support the movement and play golf on Wednesday, May 1st. Click here to locate your nearest Billy Casper Golf course. 

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