Monarchs in the Rough

Prince William 3

To celebrate Earth Day, we'd like to recognize the Billy Casper Golf courses participating in Audubon International's recently-launched Monarchs in the Rough program. 

Over the past two decades, the monarch butterfly population has decreased by 90%, putting the species dangerously close to extinction. In an effort to reverse the decline, Audubon International and the Environmental Defense Fund have teamed up to partner with North America's golf courses to establish monarch habitats in out-of-play areas. These habitats are vital to supporting the monarch's breeding and migration patterns. 

BCG courses participating in this exciting project include: 
1757 Golf Club (Dulles, Va.) 
Reston National Golf Course (Reston, Va.)
Lake Ridge Golf Course (Woodbridge, Va.) 
General's Ridge Golf Course (Manassas, Va.)
Prince William Golf Course (Nokesville, Va.)
Whisper Creek Golf Club (Huntley, Ill.)
Lincoln Hills Golf Club (Lincoln, Calif.) 
Bradford Creek Golf Course (Greenville, N.C) 
Magnolia Green Golf Club (Richmond, Va.) 
Cobbs Creek Golf Course (Philadelphia, Pa.) 
Royce Brook Golf Club (Hillsborough, N.J.)
Cape Fear National (Leland, N.C.) 
Crooked Creek Club (Milton, Ga.) 
Stonebridge Golf Club (Rome, Ga.) 

Monarchs in the Rough provides superintendents and staff with the information and technical support they need to incorporate monarch habitat into the unique layout of each course. The program helps golf course personnel plan habitat projects; procure native, ecologically-appropriate plant materials including milkweed seed; plant and establish milkweed and other nectar-producing plants; and communicate with their guests about the plight of the monarch and how they can help. 

In other Earth Day-related news, this year all BCG courses are enrolled to participate in another Audubon International program, BioBlitz. The fourth annual event will run from April 21 through May 13 (Earth Day to World Migratory Bird Day). Sponsored by the United States Golf Association, the objective of the global nature competition is to showcase the environmental value of natural habitats on golf courses. Participants such as golfers and their families, youth groups, community members and local environmental experts gather to enjoy nature while counting plant and animal species located on each property. Awards are given for Most Species, Most Participants and Best Photo. Check with your local course for information about upcoming BioBlitz events.